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Upcoming Meetings:

November 18th - Elections for the 2015 ERAS Executive

December - Christmas Party - No Meeting

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Standard Mail:
Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society
Box 52128
10907 - 82AVE
Edmonton, AB
T6G 1C0

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Time To Use Your Voice -
It's Time To Vote!

The next ERAS meeting on November 18th will be the membership's opportunity to vote for the executive members who they believe are the best candidates to guide the society for the upcoming year. Don't miss this opportunity as a member of the society to have your say. Make sure you are in attendance for this meeting in order to cast your vote!

Here are the positions up for election and the members that are currently nominated to fill the position:

  • President: Tim Petit and Ian Kanda nominated
  • Vice president: Neil Tyreman nominated
  • Treasurer: Crystal Theroux-Nielsen nominated
  • Secretary: Adrian Theroux-Nielsen nominated
  • Membership: Kelly Moffatt nominated
  • Volunteer Co-coordinator: Karen Chomin nominated
  • Social Media: Michelle Knoblach nominated
  • Rescue Co-ordinator: Michele Weldon
  • General Board: Ollie, Wanda, Colin, Derek nominated
To learn more about the nominees for 2015 head on over to the discussion in the forums.
If you are a member of the society who feels that there is someone missing from this list you have until November 17th to nominate anyone you feel would do a great job in a particular position.

More info about the meetings can be found on the Monthly Meetings page.

Are You Practicing Proper Quarantine Procedures?

It's always exciting to acquire a new animal, and expand a collection, but do you practice proper quarantine procedures before introducing the new acquisition to the rest of your collection?
It is a very necessary, but often overlooked practice.
Maybe this is because of inexperience, or perhaps despite a wealth of years of experience, you've decided to skip quarantine this time because your new addition comes from a trusted source. Unfortunately there are numerous pathogens/parasites that could remain dormant until the right stress conditions allow them to take over a host while the immune system is compromised. This can have devastating and unexpectated consequences to your collection.

To read more about quarantine procedures, and get in on the discussion, head on over to the forums.

Do you know the ERAS Mission Statement?

OBJECTIVE: The Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society (ERAS) was founded in 1994. Our objectives are the promotion of the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians and the facilitation of communication between society members. These goals are to be met through the publication of a society journal, the procuring of lecturers in herpetology, and the provision of opportunities for members to meet and discuss herpetological topics.