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    Okay so I got this carpet and I was wondering before I used it, does anyone know if this is safe for my reptiles. I got it from Christophers.

    this is what the bottom of the carpet rubber part is made out of.

    backing system Ecoworx

    backing description:
    100% PVC-free recyclable backing system with recycled content made from thermoplastic polyolefin compound with a reinforcing layer.

    high performance enviroments requiring modular flooring,

    thermoplastic alternative to PVC
    dimensional stability of PVC with 50% less weight
    Superior delamination and edge ravel strengths to PCV
    lower VOCs and smoke density test results than PVC
    100% recyclable with recycled content and lower embodied energy than PVC

    backing process

    5 step process
    1. performance precoat for maximum tuft bind
    2.thermoplastic laminate for superior delamination strength
    3. fiberglass reinforcement for unmatched stability
    4. final thermoplastic layer for added stability
    5.Die-cut into carpet tiles.

    also this has nothing to do with my carpet thread, but my gargoyle gecko laid an egg but it was infertile.

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    Personally even if it were safe (I don't know, but would think so) I wouldn't use it. I'd suggest going with blue shop towels (HD paper towels) or even regular PTs instead. Those Carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria unless laundered all the time in which case they begin to break down. I have never been a big fan of them myself anyway. PT rules as it is thrown away & replaced with new clean ones guarranteed to be free of urates & feces. Mark
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