I am letting a couple of my snakes go due to some unexpected and pretty extreme life changes.

CB 2014 male Lesser het Orange Ghost Ball Python. $300. (2017 pictures below)
He's in perfect health, always eats, sheds well, nice temperament, beautiful color.

CB 2014 female Ultramel Anery phet hypo Corn Snake. $150. (2017 pictures below)
Again perfect health other than slightly overweight, always eats, sheds well. This snake is so laid back, she'd make a perfect first snake or child's pet. She's always the one I take out when someone asks to hold a snake for the first time.

I'm in Edmonton, you can pick these snakes up, or I can deliver them to locations within town. No shipping.
Text (or call) Sharan 780-504-4759 for info. Thank you.

Ball Python
Finn 4 20170521.jpg
Finn 9 20170521.jpg
Finn awesome.jpg

Corn Snake
Ripley 1 20170521.jpg
Ripley 8 20170521.jpg