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Thread: Scorpions at the fall show

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    Hey everyone, been a long time since I've posted or been in the hobby again but I was at the fall show in Edmonton and decided to pick myself up a scorpion again if I found the right species. Well I did, an androctonus mauriticanus for which I thought I finally found one after years of looking.
    Well turns out I need to find out who the seller was since I just took a closer look and the little 2nd instar I bought doesn't have a telson (stinger)! Just trying to find out if it was intentional or a mistake or if I can get a replacement of sorts if it doesn't regenerate after a molt or two which might be the case. I hate head crushing for that long though, so yea... There were two vendors with scorpions; tarantula Canada and the other one, need to know how to get in contact with the other one. Thanks.
    0.0.x Leiurus quinquistriatus 0.1.4 Androctonus bicolor 0.1.4 Androctonus australis 0.0.1 Pandinus imperator 0.x.0 Hottentotta hottentotta 0.1.0 Poecilothera ornata 0.0.1 Poecilothera miranda 0.0.1 Pterinochilus murinus (OBT)

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    The other vendor who carries scorpions would be Arachnophiliacs. Bruce has a website, and here is his email-
    Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Salamanders, Newts, Tarantulas, Scorpions, etc.

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