So I'm going to be spending most of the next year or two travelling and living out of country. Had arranged for family to take care of the tortoise while I'm away but it's no longer going to work. I would hope to be able to find someone with a secure yard so that he can spend his summers outdoors. Honestly I would like to be able to re-home him somewhere farther south one day where he can spend most of his year outside as he's clearly unhappy being stuck indoors all winter but that's not in the cards at the moment. He has a table that's about 6 feet by 4 feet. Alfred's about 8 years old, he's a determined and inquisitive animal
with a lot of personality. When he's having a good time or gets excited he'll bob his head up
and down at you, and he'll probably come when you call him if he's not feeling exceptionally lazy and he thinks there's a chance you have something for him to eat. Sulcatas are a large breed of tortoise, he's not that big yet but he will be one day, which is why I would be happy to just adopt him to someone for a couple years. If someone had the resources and wanted to keep him permanently that's something I would definitely consider. I paid a fair penny for this guy but I really just want to find a good place for him. If you think there's a chance we could work out some sort of mutually beneficial arrangement get at me! Thanks.