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Thread: Hmmmm interesting, but also probably frustrating!

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    Default Hmmmm interesting, but also probably frustrating!

    A species of common pet Tegu, is now being separated into 4 different species. In my opinion, this is bad news for the hobbyists. Now how are breeders supposed to separated existing stock? How can you guarantee a Tupinambis teguixin is not actually a T. cuzcoensis. Without DNA testing I don't know if you can. Sounds like leopard geckos all over again. For those who aren't familiar, leopards geckos in many peoples opinion, are a mish mosh of a bunch of different species of Eublepharis and cant really guaranteed 100% that they were not actually hybridized blood lines at some point.

    So it seems the Tegu in the pet trade may end up with some species confusion in the near future.
    see link bellow
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    Default Re: Hmmmm interesting, but also probably frustrating!

    Species confusion in the near future? As someone who has been involved with tegus for 30 years, and who also gave John Murphy some experienced insight when they were writing it.....the tegu hobbyist crowd is pretty much nothing but confusion. The average tegu hobbyist can't even tell the difference between a morph and one of the species, and is so caught up in all the fictitious morphs without being able to accurately describe them, that they never figured out how to identify the "core" species to begin with. Doesn't matter that much that one of the species is now at least four, they'll only care if you can hybridize any to make a "new morph" and ask more money for it.

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