Hi everyone!

I'm Trixie. I just adopted a twice rescued male Leopard Gecko who is still to be named. I'm new to both geckos and forums so I have a bit of a learning curve here. Haven't found may way this site yet so I hope a couple of questions here is a-okay.

* I have an Exo Terra terrarium. When the previous owner was moving my little dude into a box for transport, he accidentally smashed one of the doors to the terrarium. I'm currently rocking a stylish cardboard front and a previously overheated, so rather wavy screen, but was wondering if there was somewhere in Edmonton where I might be able to fix this at minimal cost - maybe someone who repairs terrariums or has the know how and offers such services.

* I feel silly for asking but ... I picked up live meal worms today and know about gut loading and all that but do I just drop the meal worms in the little dish? With/without the dirt they came in? Everything I've read isn't quite that specific.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and thanks in advance for any help!