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Thread: Hermit crab tank with mites.

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    Default Hermit crab tank with mites.

    Hello. I'm new to this website. Anyways I got home today and I checked up on my crabs and I noticed small little bugs crawling around in the food bowl. I looked very closely at the tank (inside) for anymore and I didn't see any. They were a beige color and very very small. I took out the food bowl and put it in hot water. I didn't change the food yesterday since I didn't get the chance. I also have coconut fiber substrate, 3 small crabs, and a 10-gallon tank. I'm not quite sure what to do?

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    Default Re: Hermit crab tank with mites.

    Do they hop around when you gently blow on them? Those would be spring tails. But they do sound like mites. There are many different types, if they are not latched onto your crabs then they are not harmful, they may be wood mites and are just feeding on detritus and the coconut fiber. You could change the substrate more often to reduce numbers a lot, do a whole sanitization, however I tend to not worry about them too much. They just show up when there is stuff to eat
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