Banded Uromastyx (U. flavofasciata) Pair

Nice pair, never bred but very willing, brumated every year. good eaters, about 8 years old, female has very nice markings, his are a little faded but offspring should be very nice. Hard to find as a pair. Both healthy. Have separate tanks for them as well if needed. (not included in the price) $375.00

Moroccan Uromastyx Pair Uromastyx acanthinurus

This is an adult pair of Moroccans, willing to breed if you like but i have not with this pair. They are brumated every year for health and are just in their awakening (spring) at this time. Would be ready to go shorty (putting on some weight now. Very healthy animals and are both around 7 years old, many more to go! I have separate tanks for them as well if required (not included in price). I am open to offers but not silly ones, these are hard to find. $425.00

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