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Thread: For Mantellas?

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    Default For Mantellas?

    I'm planning to keep Painted Mantellas in this vivarium. Here's how I have it set up-
    -There is a leca drainage layer, screen, and substrate. The substrate is a mix of coco fibre, charcoal, orchid bark, and Zilla jungle earth (spagnum moss and fern tree fibre).
    -I thoroughly mist twice a day, but will be getting a mist king before I get frogs.
    -There is a bulkhead and valve installed beneath the drainage layer to drain excess water.
    -The lights are 2 T-12 philips plant bulbs. I also plan to change that to T5 HO bulbs.
    -the lid is open, but mostly covered by the light.
    -its been growing in for a few weeks already and it will be a while before I get the frogs.
    I know i still need to add a humidity gauge, but other than that, are there any suggestions about how I could make this better for Mantellas?
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