I have recently contacted CIFA in regards to what insects I may or may not own legally in Canada. They replied with only roaches, mantids, tropical butterflies and sticks. The links the agent provided to which insects were allowed without a plant protection permit did not work and led to pages stating the requested information was missing and no longer existed. I was also given an email to forward my questions to, the offices of permits and inspection but all I got was an automated response about times when the office was open and if I wanted to reapply for my permit. The issue here is that I have no idea which insects are actually legal as when I attended the Reptile / Tarantula expo in Edmonton, a vendor informed me in passing that certain beetles were not allowed here either as pets. Since CIFA did not mention beetles, I am confused. Can anyone tell me which beetles are not allowed to be imported into Canada? I am interested in the larger species, more specifically in the Rainbow Stag Beetle. If anyone could give me a list of beetles that are legal and inform me where you received this information, I would be truly appreciative. I donít want to get myself into trouble by accidentally importing something that was not allowed due to bad information.