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    Maybe a silly question maybe not.
    How long should you quarantine a tarantula? Reptiles is 3 months minumum for obvious reasons such as mites and respiratory issues and other diseases. Besides parasites what else could a tarantula have that it could pass on?
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    It's all about the unknown. If you know what they have (mites for example), then once treated there is no risk to your collection. However it is the unseen pathogens that are the risk factor when deciding quarantine time. Invertebrates most definitely have viral diseases, I just don't know them on the top of my head. Additionally, risks versus benefits will also play a role, especially with many invertebrates. If you are dealing with tarantulas that can live 10-20 years, then you might want to play it safer than a spider that only lives 18 months. An example of the latter is if you have two adult black widow spiders and are wanting to breed them. If you have a lengthy quarantine, you probably missed the window of opportunity before these spiders can reproduce before they die (typically their first winter).
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