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    Hi i have a 2 year old female budgett frog.ive had her since she was small.she eats a lot and put on a lot of weight.i dont let her estivate but since october she stopped eating,she still looks healthy and fat and still is ornery if you aggravate her while cleaning her tank.just wondering if she is kind of hibernating or as someone told me she has edema.appreciate any info if you have experience with these frogs.

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    Anorexia can be due to many things. It can be seasonally normal in some circumstances, but can also be caused by temperatures that are too hot or cold, by stress, illness or pain. When in doubt, a veterinary visit is not a bad idea, and it's better to seek medical attention to early as opposed to too late.
    For us to better help you determine if this is a husbandry or seasonal problem we will need more information about the habitat that you are providing. A few pictures of your animal and habitat go a long way too.

    Ian Kanda

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