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Thread: tomato frog emergency

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    Default tomato frog emergency

    Im new on here so im sorry if im not posting to the right place.
    I have an adult female tomato frog and recently she has started sitting with her mouth wide open and refuses to eat anything. It looks as though she has a tiny sore or hole on the side of her cheek. Its not inflamed or discolored but she keeps getting dirt in her mouth and she is starting to look thin
    If anyone has any ideas please share with me because im nowhere near a vet with amphibian/reptile knowlege.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: tomato frog emergency

    Where are you located? You will need veterinary help. If in central Alberta, there are several clinics in Edmonton that see amphibians. I recommend Park Vet. Centre.

    In addition, troubleshoot your husbandry. Gaping often is resultant of being to hot, being confined in unsanitary conditions, and/or pain and discomfort.
    Ian Kanda

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