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Thread: Vendor list for ERAS 2015 Fall show

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    Default Vendor list for ERAS 2015 Fall show

    Here is the vendor list for the Fall 2015 Reptile Expo on October 3rd and 4th at the Sands Hotel. The main room is sold out. I will add descriptions of what the vendors are bringing as I receive the information.

    Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Co
    Live insect feeders, aspen shavings, and other miscellaneous supplies will be available. Reptile and invertebrate themed gifts will also be available.

    Amber and Michael Tyreman
    Reptile and invertebrate themed novelty items as well as display animals will be at the table.

    Darwin's Reptiles

    Kryptonian Reptiles

    Kendra Roulston
    We will be selling jewelery, including a selection made from shed jewel beetle wings

    Falconridge Farms

    First Strike Snakes

    Ectothermic Reptiles

    Canadian Mouseman

    Cornel's World Terrariums
    Cornelsworld Terrariums will be offering PVC Reptile Caging, Racks, and Incubators as well as a selection of handling equipment, hides, misting systems, screen cages, thermostats, heat tape, cleaning products, and rodent watering parts. All items will be in limited supply so if you are wanting something specific it is best to preorder.

    Tarantula Canada
    Tarantula Canada, providing Canada with captive bred tarantulas and other inverts non-stop since 2002.

    Big Al's Aquarium

    North America's Best Selection in Captive Bred Arachnids from Around the World Since 1986. Now offering a fine selection of turtles, tortoises and other Reptiles

    Crazy Colubrids

    Paradise Pets

    Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society

    Phil Robinson

    Superior Constrictors

    New World Reptiles

    Alberta Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy

    Edmonton Reptile Rescue and Rehab

    Pied Pusher
    St. Albert based ball python breeder that is dedicated to producing high quality morphs, with our main focus being the stunning Piebald gene.

    Nature's Aura Photography]

    Charming Corns
    Corn snake breeder out of stony plain, Alberta. Will have cb15 corn snake hatchlings available at 10% off only during show.

    Got Reptiles

    Big D Exotics

    Next Morph Reptiles

    Just Geckos

    Brooke Taphorn

    School House Pets
    We specialize in live & frozen feeders, shipped and delivered to your door! Also producing bearded dragons and other captive bred reptiles.

    Chameleons Galore
    Chameleons Galore will have some nice ambilobe panther chameleons, trans veileds and fully set up cages. We will also be selling quality feeders.

    J&J Reptiles

    Herp Diner
    Herp Diner is pleased to offer a wide variety of feeders for your reptiles, arachnids and amphibians.

    Critter Sitter
    Critter Sitter - Custom home and pet care like your there. From an exotic pet to a large collection, we provide a service to you.

    Blue Tongue Exotics
    Hobby Breeder. Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Rough Scaled Sand Boas, Blaze Goins Kingsnakes, California Red Sided Garters.

    Jungle Jewel Exotics
    We will be bringing to the show Dart Frogs, prebuilt living Vivariums, soil bugs to make your vivarium Bioactive, fruit flies, MistKing products, LED lighting, Malaysian Drift wood, Cork rounds and various other supplies

    Connor Corns

    Mom & Daughter Geckos

    Deadlyfit Pythons
    Many morphs of ball pythons, breeding stock and display animals for everyone's collection

    Eve Barnett
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    Neil Tyreman
    Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Co.

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