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Thread: Last weekend in OK

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    A variety of roles in a glass tempering plant, and an on-call/casual reptile keeper at a private zoo.
    The trend is to post names and numbers of "pets" here. That
    23+ species of salamander
    28+ families and subfamilies of reptile, amphibian, and arachnid.
    Only one has a name. The Beast.

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    ah yes, I think I recall hearing about that zoo; they were discussing going on a reptile collecting trip to the SW in ~2011 when I was at the Midwest Herp Symp. South/Central MN? I'd love to see some pictures.
    Ian Kanda

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    Good looking skink! Glad you're settling in, I'm still wading through the mountain of information in these magazines (thanks again).
    The armadillo is super cool, continue to keep us posted!

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