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Thread: Galapagos Tortoise Babies

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    Arrow Galapagos Tortoise Babies

    Jerry Fife, renowned tortoise breeder and author, had his Galapagos tortoise babies at the Phoenix Reptile Show in November.
    $5000 a piece but I think they were more for display only. He donated 2 eggs for a raffle to benefit the local reptile rescue (with over 1700 reptiles in refuge).
    I doubt I'll ever see babies of this species in person again so it was thrilling to see. Due to logistics, the parents were not at the show (they are stupid heavy - like 400lbs).
    They take about 18 years to mature and these 'babies' were 6-7" across and almost as tall. Sorry for the blurry pics, the show was packed.

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    That's so exciting! They look like little rocks, lol.
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    wow that's amazing !
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