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Thread: Vendor list for 2014 ERAS Fall show

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    Default Vendor list for 2014 ERAS Fall show

    Here is the vendor list for the Fall 2014 Reptile Expo on October 4th and 5th at the Sands Hotel. The main room is sold out and there are only a few tables left in the second room. I will be new vendors and adding descriptions of what the vendors are bringing as I receive the information.

    Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Co
    Live insect feeders, frozen mice, aspen shavings, cork bark and other miscellaneous supplies will be available. Reptile and invertebrate themed gifts will also be available.

    Amber and Michael Tyreman
    Reptile and invertebrate themed novelty items as well as display animals will be at the table.

    Darwin's Reptiles
    Repashy, Frozen Feeders (Rabbits, Rats, Mice), Misc Supplies, Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Asian Ratsnakes, Various Colubrids, "Other" Snakes.

    Kryptonian Reptiles
    We will be at the fall show offering collectables, toys and reptile supplies for sale at low prices. We will also have animals on display that are also available to take pictures with , $1 of every photo sold going towards the rescue.

    My Pet
    We will have a wide selection of caging and supplies for reptiles and amphibians

    5 Star Serpents

    Shawn Johnson Reptiles
    Shawn Johnson Reptiles specializes in quality captive bred ball pythons and boas. We will be offering well started hatchlings right up to breeder sized ball pythons.

    Falconridge Farms
    We will be bringing frozen feeder rats- all sizes and very competitive prices. See you at the show

    First Strike Snakes

    Ectothermic Reptiles
    We are pleased to offer various crested geckos, gargoyle geckos, leachianus geckos from the top notch CB blood lines in North America. We will also have many morphs of leopard geckos, milk snakes, king snakes, corn snakes, and some various amphibians. We offer the full line of Repashy products, Fruit Fly cultures and kits, misc herping supplies, cork bark rounds, etc. Come check us out, and remember Patronage Pays at Ectothermic.

    Canadian Mouseman
    Canadianmouseman will be carrying a large variety of frozen mice and rats as well as a great selection of reptiles and select reptile supplies. Come see us for great selection and to stop by and talk reptiles, we will be happy to help.

    Cornel's World Terrariums
    Cornel's World is your Canadian source for quality reptile Caging and supplies. I will have pvc Caging and racks at the show as well as heat tape, thermostats, handling equipment, hides, misting systems and many other supplies. Caging and racks will be in limited supply due to demand so if you are wanting something specific it is best to preorder.

    Jim Dyke
    If you're tired of the regular, everyday stuff you see at every show, pop by our table. We'll have something to make you smile

    Tarantula Canada
    Tarantula Canada will have over 150 species of captive bred tarantulas, scorpions, other arachnids, and centipedes, as well as our full selection of books and TarCan apparel. We will also be running $5 and $10 specials, only available at the expo!

    Lifeline Exotics
    Come check us out at our Facebook page for contests and deals. We'll be bringing a great group of pet quality ball python and crested geckos

    Big Al's Aquarium
    We will have a full range of reptile supplies and caging available.

    A Brush of Air
    A Brush Of Air offers small fun temporary tattoos for children and we also sell custom art merchandise of all kinds on our table. We are also available for commission work.

    Ball Python World
    Ball pythons. Breeders & 2013 tons of healthy well established ball pythons including great holdbacks not previously available.

    Arachnophiliacs - Canada's Best Selection in Captive Bred Arachnids Since 1986

    SimoneG Cresteds
    I'm Simone Gingras / SimoneG Cresties and I will be showing and selling crested geckos bred raised by myself

    Crazy Colubrids
    Crazy Colubrids specializes in corn snakes, king snakes and milk snakes. I will have several different adult corn snakes of various morphs available along with a select few adult milk snakes for sale.

    Paradise Pets

    Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society

    Phil Robinson
    Robinson's Royal Pythons is dedicated to producing top quality Ball Pythons. From pet-grade to high end investment animals, you will find fair priced healthy Ball Pythons with a wide variety of genetics available.

    Sid Laan Reptiles
    Sid Laan Reptiles will have a wide variety of color and pattern morphs, both for pet and investment level ball pythons!

    New World Reptiles

    Medusa's Mad House

    Alberta Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy

    Edmonton Reptile Rescue and Rehab

    Chameleons Galore
    Chameleons Galore will have some Super translucent veileds, veileds, fully set up tanks with pygmies and quality feeders for sale. We are also collecting deposits for our many batches of panthers and jacksons ready in 2 weeks.

    SF Reptiles
    SF Reptiles is a hobbyist that enjoys keeping quality ball pythons and corn snake

    Just Geckos
    Leopard and crested geckos

    Celtic Serpents
    World class investment quality ball pythons, captive bred right here in Alberta. Looking for leopards, blackhead, albino snows and clowns? Go no further!! Some amazing retirement specials now in effect. Proud supporter of the ERAS raffle and Canherp and USARK member.

    Ollie Meidinger

    The Hidebox
    The Hidebox will be bringing assorted Ball Python morphs and a kingsnake or two

    Snakeboy Exotics

    Big D Exotics

    TLC's Reptiles
    A family run hobby breeding chahoua geckos, ball pythons, corn snakes and mex mex king snakes. Looking to bring you top quality healthy animals, where the relationship starts at hello and continues long after.

    Auburn Creations
    I'll have vibrant, unique watercolour paintings of reptiles, amphibians, and creepy crawlies as well as reptile and amphibian stickers.

    Slithers and Critters

    Next Morph Reptiles
    Next Morph Reptiles is a reptile breeder located in Calgary, Alberta specializing in Ball Python Morphs. Current availability includes an array of ball pythons as well as established Children's Python hatchlings

    Eve Barnett
    Sale of crested and leopard geckos - without or without set ups. Sales of enclosure accessories and advice on keeping geckos

    Dragons Only

    Village Reptiles

    Pied Pusher
    St. Albert based ball python breeder that is dedicated to producing high quality morphs, with our main focus being the stunning Piebald gene.

    Park Reptiles
    Park Reptiles, the new kids on the block, specializing in breeding Agama lizards, Pygmy Chameleons, Skinks and Centipedes. We are always up for a new challenge so if you are looking for something new let us know.
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    Neil Tyreman
    Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Co.

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    Default Re: Vendor list for 2014 ERAS Fall show

    Why was the spring description used without asking vendors if they wanted changes?

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    Default Re: Vendor list for 2014 ERAS Fall show

    If you want a new description email me or PM
    Neil Tyreman
    Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Co.

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