Hello everyone,

I just wanted to refresh the recommendation to quarantine your new snakes for a minimum of three months after you bring it home to protect your previous pets. There is a potential case of Boid Inclusion Body Disease in the Edmonton area. This has not been confirmed, but quarantine is all about risk management, so protect your animals.

Please use this thread to discuss what you recommend as adequate quarantine for your collection. Please no finger pointing, let us focus on what we can do, and not what we think other's could have or should have done.

For my collection, quarantine includes:
1. A separate room for new animals (although I am guilty of also using this as an overflow room). This room is on the second floor, while my main room is in the basement. No close quarters.
2. Limiting access and exposure to new animals. Monitoring for illness, parasites, appetite, behavior etc. but largely hand's off. Only entering the quarantine room if absolutely necessary
3. Tending to quarantined animals last, and not returning to my main collection afterwards.
4. Using strong disinfectants within quarantine (quatsyl and chlorhexadine as necessary)
5. And of course, what happens in quarantine, stays in quarantine All hides, cages, tongs, spray bottles etc. are not used outside of the quarantine room.
6. I use a 3 month base quarantine. I prefer a year, and stick to this for tortoises, boas and pythons because these groups have known diseases that can be latent without immediate symptoms to be observed. Of course this can easily still be present in other groups in yet to be discovered pathogens.