Rules and Terms for using the Classifieds section
All classifieds are locked (ie. only the seller and the moderators will be able to modify or post to the thread).
All sales are between the seller and the buyer. Classified users agree not to hold ERAS responsible for any actions by either party, and therefore will not be held liable for the actions of others.
Items such as guns, drugs, stolen property etc are prohibited.
The classified advertisement must contain the following information:
a. All reptiles must be advertised either captive bred (CB), captive hatched (CH), wild caught (WC) or long-term captive specimens (LTC).
b. Location of seller
c. Whether shipping is available or not.
d. Price of animal/item for sale.
e. Contact name (first name only required). Ads with only the ERAS forum username will be deleted.
f. Species of animal

Members found to be fraudulent in dealings will be banned from using and/or viewing the ERAS classifieds.
ERAS reserves the right to remove any ad at any time without offering any notice to the posting member or the membership.
Please fully utilize the capacity of each classified before loading additional ones within the same category. If you have 4 animals to sell, please list all 4 in the same ad and upload the associated pictures, or links.
When uploading pics for ads, please only use pics that represent the species/product that you are selling.
Only upload pics that are yours, or ones you have permission to use if taken by another. Using other's pictures without consent is a copyright violation and is prohibited. Any such pictures/ads will be deleted without notice.
Classifieds will have a run-time of 1 month after which they may be deleted. If an item is sold or a wanted item is no longer needed, please contact a moderator who will delete the ad.