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Thread: iguana's living together

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    maegan Guest

    Question iguana's living together

    I was wondering if more then one iguana can live
    together and if so can 2 of the same sex or opposites?

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    Sep 2007
    Sherwood Park

    Default Re: iguana's living together

    how big can you realistically make your enclosure? Maybe two girls? Short answer is "no" unless there's lots and lots of work involved and a backup plan for worst-case scenario.

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    Chad Guest

    Default Re: iguana's living together

    As with most reptiles, pairs are not normally good. In an Iguana's case you don't want 2 housed in the same cage because during breeding season they will become very aggressive towards one another inflicting un-necessary wounds to each other. My Iguana, if he even sees himself in the mirror he will go to tail whip it. Also another problem with housing two Iguanas together is space. A single Iguana housed proper should be in a cage roughly 7 feet high and at least 6 feet wide and 4 foot deep. Double those specs if you add another Iguana into the habitat. Iguanas in the wild do stick together and often are found hanging around on the same tree but different branches. The dominant Iguana will normally be on the highest branch in the tree and the pecking order works its way down the branches on the tree. Besides during breeding season you only want one nightmare to deal with rather then two trust me! Your Iguana being female from what you said maybe a little less aggressive then a male at breeding season but she will still keep you busy making sure she has a proper nesting box setup so she can lay her eggs and does not get egg binding occurring which can be fatal to a Iguana. Read up on the website they cover all the questions you could ever want answered in regards to Green Iguanas. I would concentrate on the Iguana you have and provide her with the very best care you can, spoil her rotten while you are at it, she deserves it!

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    SandStone Herps Guest

    Default Re: iguana's living together

    I agree with Chad !!!
    Do you have an Iguana ? or just thinking about getting one or two I guess? As an Iguana owner might I suggest do as much reading and question asking as you can before you even think about getting one. The learning never stops with Iguanas. Start by reading the Iguana Bible then go here
    aswell as the green Iguana society. Look at the food chart aswell and make sure you can get a regular supply of staple foods. The green Iguana is hands down the hardest reptile you will ever attempt to own( as it WILL own you ) I myself have a( very large ) Male. I could go on for day's telling you why you shouldn't get one, and also why you should. But instead I'll just say do your home work first. I don't want to rescue yet another one. There is a reason why most reputable reptile and or pet stores will not sell you one or even carry one.

    Ok on to your real question. Answer is yes you can keep one or more together ( sometimes ). How big is your house ? lol BTW since Ive had mine my power bill from the lights humidifyer and everything else has doubled in the winter months.

    (sorry about spelling cold med's just kicked in )
    Last edited by SandStone Herps; 04-29-2008 at 11:41 PM.

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    maegan Guest

    Default Re: iguana's living together

    Thanks,i will look into it more, i have the space and time speedy decisions though!

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    SandStone Herps Guest

    Default Re: iguana's living together

    I just read your other post saying you have a female... Stick with one ! But if you have questions feel free to ask. How old is she? have any pic's ? What does your set up look like ?

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    Default Re: iguana's living together

    I don't want to speak for him, but from what I hear, Neil has a hard time sometimes even keeping more than one iguana in the same room. Your chances are better with a female, but even so, two cages would be much safer. I would not attempt a male/female pair.
    Ian Kanda

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    Default Re: iguana's living together

    NO,never,never ,never! Regardless of sex or size of enclosure they will eventually rip each other apart.In the wild they can escape other Iguanas when one decides it's time to exert their dominance,no matter how big a cage you have them in they can't get away from each other.
    Ian's right we have problems with them in separate cages in the same room,just seeing each other gets them all worked up.
    I've know people that have kept a pair together for years with no problems then out of the blue one kills the other.

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