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    Good afternoon,

    A new member pointed out they were getting an error when trying to upload a photo to their photo album they created, saying they've reached the maximum file quota for that album.

    Curious, I created an album myself and tried to upload a photo. It was a smaller iPhone photo, so not high quality by any means. It is under 90KB in size. Yet I was told that it was too large for the album.

    Can someone please check the settings on uploading photos to our Albums? Or let us know a way to upload these photos without recieving this error?

    I can understand if it was a 2MB file. But an 90KB file shouldn't be 'too large' or exceed any quota when photos are concerned.

    - Danielle
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    Default Re: Photo Album Question

    I was able to upload a 127KB file, but when I went to add another, it gave me the same error message. Maybe the settings were mistakenly set up in KB instead of MB?
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