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    Is there a way to make the site more mobile friendly. i use my tablet more than anything but making posts can sometimes make me want to pull out hair. I find it very difficult to place the cursor and becuase of this errors means retyping my entire post or pm etc. this is why my posts oten have spelling errors etc. too much work to retype. plus cut and paste dont work and my auto correct doesnt come on either. pictures are even more of a headache.
    maybe making a mobile site would solve alot of problems.
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    We are checking with the webmaster to see if he can enable tapatalk for TARAS. They have an app for ithings android and blackberry the app is a couple of bucks but it is free for the forum. If he is able to add it to TARAS there is no reason he would not be able to do the same for ERAS.
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    Bottom left side, switch your style to mobile or switch the browser
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