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    I know that the African giant land snails are illegal to own in Canada but are there any types of big land snails that are legal here and are available? I think I read something about some from BC? I owned the African ones when I lived in England (they are legal there) and would love to get something similar in the future. A guy is selling "baby giant snails" on kijiji but I'm assuming that these are the illegal type

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    There are large native land snails in Alberta and BC which are perfectly legal. Oreohelix strigosa is the most common of three which occur marginally in southern Alberta, and they are typically 1/2 to 3/4 inch diameter. Larger species occur further west, perhaps 12 species or more, including several which are established exotics, like Roman land snails [escargot]. I occasionaly provide some of these, but have none at the moment.

    The Achatina are all illegal. Beware anything labeled "giant".
    The trend is to post names and numbers of "pets" here. That
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    Do you have any roman snails at the moment? I'm looking to purchase one.

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