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Thread: HELP Tiny sand colored bugs

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    Default HELP Tiny sand colored bugs

    Just took a look in our tortoise enclosure and saw tiny little bugs. They are smaller then a grain of sand and the same color. We have never seen them before and we concerned. If we move the soil around and look really close then we can see them. The only reason we saw them is the tortoise got a hold of a worm and left half of it by a plant. When we went to take the piece out we saw them on it. Any help will be appreciated
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    I wouldn't worry. Sounds like a kind of wood mite or other detritovore and are rather common. If anything they help cycle your soil and any bits of tortoise waste that have been missed.
    Ian Kanda

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    Definitely some kind of mite. I would give the opposite advice and say try to get rid of them just incase. I had a mite problem and had major allergies for months straight until I figured out what the cause was.

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    not to hijack but i have similar bugs in my leachie tank... some of them are light colored and look like some sort of wood mites and some (which jump and walk on water) are tiny and black and i have no idea what they are.

    how do you suggest getting rid of the mites Grimm?
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