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    That's the point Walker, but with a dedicated forum, it would be more visible, and more organized and more capable of generating the increase in interest that I am striving for. It's not just personal appreciation that is needed, but understanding, and a local hobby that values diversity as well, or the standard animals will be all you will ever see at the shows, and in this hobby.

    I'm not interested in vending at ERAS shows, or contributing to the forums if the society doesn't consider additional ways to promote diversity. This last show was a huge let down regarding interest in diversity, with no proposed ways of improving it. I'm sick of the local hobby being about just the animals.
    PJs has some terrestrial plants in their enclosures because I pestered them enough. It looks marginally less tacky now.
    When I built the best vivaria I could for the store, I witnessed the reactions. It was overwhelmingly positive.

    There is growing appreciation for the diversity, but so far, Bubba at least, wants me to suck it up and let it be. That's not going to fly.
    I'm taking this to the January meeting.
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