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Thread: Hypo Snow Bearded Dragon???

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    Default Hypo Snow Bearded Dragon???

    Out of curiosity, does anyone on here have or know of anyone who breeds hypo snow bearded dragons in Canada? I know someone who's looking for one, but after doing some research, I can't seem to find one or anyone who breeds them north of the border. If there's no one in Canada, is there anyone in the States that breeds them that is fairly good to deal with?
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    Default Re: Hypo Snow Bearded Dragon???

    i was planning on buying a breeding pair and have several sources that can import or has them for sale directly: they however almost all of them have a high price tag

    dragons den has them {us}

    also there is Jim & jodi Dyke from "the dragons tale" {Canadian} {mike morfoot} has contacts that can import them from the states as well. {Winnipeg} {Ontario based }
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    Default Re: Hypo Snow Bearded Dragon???

    You could contact Jim @ J & J Reptiles in Calgary as well, if it's out there, I am sure he could source it.

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