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Thread: I need advice with my frilled dragon

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    Nauticus Guest

    Default I need advice with my frilled dragon

    Just got a cb Frilled dragon, he is about 4-5 inches in length, so still a baby.
    He was eating about 5 small crickets a day for two or three days when I first got him but was more and more lethargic. I kept the humidity between arid and moderate during the day, but increased that in the morning to high moderate. He has two water dishes. on each end of the tank.
    The tank is 4 feet long with a large cave covered in bark and a basking area that uses that carpet stuff as the substrate. He is more and more lethargic, not really accepting more than a cricket a day now and never goes to the basking area.
    As for lighting I use a four foot strip bulb at 10.0 UVA and B.
    He gets the calcium and D3 also the crickets are kept with gutload in their food and water.
    Furthermore, he did have a really good shed five days after I got him. I have had him now for about 10 days.
    Is there something wrong with him or is this just a cycle thing?

    Thanks for the help

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    Skii Guest

    Default Re: I need advice with my frilled dragon

    I found this on another website, from a breeder(5 years experience):
    Frilled dragons need to have a body temp of about 90-95F to be happy and digest food. The temps in their living space must not fall lower then 80 in most all of the enclosure. If the frilled dragon is skittish, it will often hide instead of stay warm. If it has access to cooler areas, and body temp is not 90-95, it will have issues. The humidity needs to be high, with cycles of dry to eliminate mold or any moldy wet smells. RI will not be a concern if these dry cycles are achieved. If the frilled is too stressed and hides it needs a higher tank temp to not let body temp lower then 90. Night time temps no lower then 80 with 85 being ideal.
    75F at night, in most cases is OK but its better to have 85. High, high humidty is great with a few days to dry out and then again with the heavy misting.
    Body temp of 90-95 is ideal to healthy happy frill and digestion.
    Basking area should be 100-105 with a nice gradient, too cooler area of cage but no cooler then 80 (is ideal). Scared frills wont seak out warmth.
    105 one side 100center and 95 on other side
    night temp is 85-100
    humidity is 55-90

    Do you have any other lizard? If you do, has your lizard been quarantined?(it should be for a couple weeks/months) What do you measure your temps with? What are your temps in the cage? What is the humidity in your cage? He could be stressed too, as new animals are. Have you been handling him lately, or is he in a high traffic area?

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    Nauticus Guest

    Default Re: I need advice with my frilled dragon

    Basking area is 110-115 in the day time. The cooler side of the tank is about 85
    Night time is 80
    Humidity is usually 35 during the day as mentioned before and drys very quickly after misting. Misting causes it to go to 75.
    I use standard bimetalic thermomenter and hydrometers
    Perhaps it is too dry.
    The lizard is in a classroom, with 17 grade three students, however this is only for part of the day.
    I do go in on weekends to feed and still no dice.
    I was in today and he would not take anything at all from me.
    Not even from my hand or hunting

    I have no other lizards in the classroom but I do handle him daily in his enclosure to build of tolerance so that he will be tame as an adult

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    Skii Guest

    Default Re: I need advice with my frilled dragon

    I would bump up the humidity a little bit. Humidity should be at least 50%, no higher than 70%. It could be a little stressful for him, being with the students. Try mealworms and small silkworms. Try also to get digital thermometers, the bimetallic ones, I've heard they've had problems, but you can never go wrong with a good temp gun/digital thermometer. If he's dehydrated, try giving him a soak or two.
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