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03-13-2010, 09:19 AM
The theme for the March meeting is RESCUES!

Neil and Michele Weldon will be our speakers at the March general meeting and will be sharing information about what the rescue does and offering up stories of some of the animals that have been in their care. So if you have a rescue, either from the ERAS Rescue, or adopted privately, this is the meeting to bring them to! We will have a photographer or two on site to capture some pictures of these animals for possible placement in a future ERAS rescue calendar. Feel free to post the your animals story and pictures here as well.

Meet Hank and his brother Pig! These two handsome boys had a bit of a rough run before they ended up at Neil and Michele's. They were abandoned in a box in an alley, and somehow the box ended up partially crushed. Someone found them, turned them over to animal control who then turned them over to the ERAS Rescue. Pig wasn't injured, but Hank wasnt' quite so lucky. He ended up having an eye removed, part of his back leg, and half his tail taken off over a series of surgeries to save his life. Through it all, they've both been the sweetest tempered bearded dragons around. So come out on Tuesday and meet Hank, Pig and some of the other rescues that have been placed in forever homes after coming from some pretty bad beginnings.

03-13-2010, 06:44 PM
I have 3 rescue animals in my collection.
First is my beardie. I recued him and his sibs from a place where they were all being housed together in to small a tank all sharing one log and one heat lamp. The 4 I got where the ones that the person could not sell because they were missing parts. Allof them had parts of thier tails missing, mine had the worst with half of his gone. 2 were missing toes and one had an entire half a leg missing. Mine had an infected foot but I managed to save it. The others were not so lucky and thier bits had fallen off. They were also all under fed and as a result mine never reached his full size as an adult. At least he seems smaller then most adult males I have seen. All of them were adopted to new homes and I kept this guy and nameg him Nitro. He is an awsome beardie with a hilarious personality. He loves to eat especially his worms. He even like to chase laser lights. Probably because he know he gets rewarded with a worm. Ill be bringing him to the meeting.

My other 2 are both ball pythons. 1 is a female I found on kijiji. The owner knew nothing on how to care for a bp. He said she was big and a full grown 3 year old female. So I went to see her and she was the size of a one year old, maybe 400g. She was kept in a cage more suited for a bearded dragon. It was huge with only one hide and wood chunks as a substrate. No heat pad just a red flood light that was very hot. She was fed by leaving her over night in a small conatainer with a live mouse. She was covered in mouse bites and had scale rot. I took her to get her out of there and within a couple weeks her scalerot was gone and she accepts f/t mice and rats no prob. She is aggressive unfortunately but I dont really blame her. I may bring her to the meeting but she does tend to bite at random, so it will depend if I feel like getting bit that night.Shes the first ball pictured.

the other ball aquired recently form jake945. Apparantely he was hidden amoungst some used tanks that were bought. He is a tad aggressive and underweight also had minor scalerot. He eats no prob though and I have been feeding him to get his weight up. He has not gotten back up to a normal weight yet so he will be remaining home until he is back at 100%.

03-13-2010, 07:29 PM
We have a boa that was an adoption from Neil and Michelle about 3 years ago - he has been a great addition. I would love to take in a few more but atm the other half is putting her foot down. (Has something to do with the dumerils boa I just brought home HA HA HA).

I wish I could make it down for a few meetings but unfortunately the roughly 5 hour drive each way can sometimes be a pain in the butt.

03-19-2010, 07:43 AM
Didn't get a chance to sing up for the volunteer sheet when it was passed around, but i still want in.